“Trailblazers Unleashed”

Learning, Loving, and Leading with Horses and Dogs!

Our “Trailblazers Unleashed “ Children Program runs on Sundays @ the Be Horself Yard in rural Tring, Hertfordshire. 

It is an innovative and immersive educational children’s program that combines the love for animals, outdoor exploration, and hands-on learning. Designed to foster a deep connection with nature and promote personal growth, this workshop introduces children to the enchanting world of horses and dogs while providing them with valuable educational experiences.

This program runs in collaboration with Paws 4 Recovery; it is based on two sessions, preferably over two consecutive weeks, on Sundays, and it takes place in the peaceful, yet stimulating, outdoor setting of the Be Horself Yard, surrounded by lush greenery, a private woodland and meadow. It offers a safe and engaging environment where children aged 8 to 12 can develop a sense of responsibility, empathy, and teamwork.

Throughout the Trailblazers Unleashed workshop, children have the unique opportunity to interact with our wonderful four legged friends (our therapy horses and dog). Building relationships based on trust and mutual respect, our skilled and experienced handlers will guide the children in learning about and understanding the animals’ behaviours and needs and help the children relate that to their own.

Safety is of paramount importance throughout and the workshop is facilitated by certified practitioners who will provide thorough instructions on handling animals, ensuring that every child feels secure and confident in their interactions. All activities are designed with age-appropriate challenges and are tailored to accommodate individual needs and abilities.

In particular, this program is run by two facilitators, Loredana and Sandra; with their passion for inspiring young minds and a wealth of expertise in animal therapeutic intervention, they will surely take the young participants on an exciting journey of learning, creativity, and discovery.

The workshop incorporates dog-assisted activities and gentle interactions from the ground only with the horses; these activities will enable the children to unleash their true potential and possibly…

– improve social skills

– boost self-esteem and grow confidence

– become a team player, knowing when to lead and when to follow

– experience “calm”

– Understand and manage own behaviour and reactions

By fostering connections with horses and dogs, these sessions empower children to explore the world around them while fostering personal growth, resilience, and a lifelong love for animals and nature. It will inspire them to appreciate nature, cultivate a compassionate attitude towards animals, improve social skills and boost self-confidence while having lots of fun.

Sessions will run rain or shine, Am and Pm depending of age:

Morning 9:15-11:15 for Children aged 8-10

Afternoon 1:15-3:15 pm for Children aged 10-12

Cost: £55 for a 2hr session


January 14th and 28th

February 4th and 25th

March 3rd and 24th

If you too would like to Unleash your young one’s potential, send us an email to register your interest or ask any questions you may have.

Please note the sessions are delivered in a group setting with a maximum of 8 children who must be able to safely interact with other children, as well as our animals. If your child needs 121 support this program may not be appropriate, but don’t worry, we can still help by offering individual sessions. Just contact Loredana to discuss details.

Your Mission: To Be Horself

Working with horses allows you to reconnect deeply with yourself, your heart, soul and spirit. We lovingly refer to it as “being horself” and look forward to your experience of discovering your true nature, purpose and talents.

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